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The Waterhead Hotel
The Waterhead Hotel
This is one hotel that really caters for its guests. While most just provide the basics like bed, breakfast and bath; Waterhead takes hospitality to whole different level. How about binoculars to survey the magnificent Lake Windermere that laps at the foot of the hotel; or complimentary gingerbread to nibble on while you relax? It really is an elegant hotel that is steeped in the traditions of fine English service.

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Ambleside travel guide


Ambleside is a stunning town popular with a wide diversity of people for its amazing attractions. Located in Cumbria’s Westmorland County at the head of Lake Windermere, the nearby National Park is an immensely popular destination for walkers and holiday-makers due to the stunning surrounding landscapes.

Ambleside travel guide

Ambleside features many sites of great historical interest, such as the Roman Fort Galava, with its ruins and information, as well as William Wordsworth’s house.

Ambleside travel

One of the greatest attractions Ambleside offers visitors is the Armitt Library and Museum – an independent library housing over 10,000 books on the local area and the people of significance to the area, such as William Wordsworth, John Ruskin and Harriet Martineua. The library also houses over 450 watercolours painted by beloved children’s author Beatrix Potter. Ambleside has a number of great hotels and guesthouses as well as fantastic nearby campsites, allowing you access to the area’s amazing biodiversity.

Ambleside Roman Fort

The remains of a 2nd century Roman Fort can be seen hear, they are well laid out and explained. This site is managed by the National Trust.


This beautiful home is set in picturesque gardens and located on the banks of the Windemere. There are interactive displays here over two floors, as well as the lovely outdoor area, where you can walk and the children can enjoy the adventure playground. (015394 46601)

Claife Heights

Owned and managed by the National trust is this area of woodlands on the shores of Windemere. Walking, cycling and bird watching are popular activities here.

Colwirth Force

This waterfall is well worth a visit too. You is part of a nice walk around Colwith Circle.

High Sweden Bridge

Only a shot walk form Ambleside is this old Cumbrian bridge. The water flows rapidly underneath and you can go for a nice walk along he banks and end up back.


Ambleside travel guide


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