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Located in the tranquil county of Hampshire, Andover is a mere 18miles west of Basingstoke, allowing for easy transport accessibility to its attractions. Andover is a stunning example of a British town, with many historical features sure to captivate your interest.

One of the few surviving buildings in Andover is the Rooksbury Mill, restored in 2003 following a fire that destroyed a large amount of the structure.

Rooksbury Mill once operated as a flour mill, but now stands as a gorgeous landmark for the town. Also in Andover is the RAF Andover base, a breathtaking example of contemporary British military power.


Andover makes a great base to explore the surrounding Hampshire countryside and is very accommodating to tourists who come to the area, with a variety of accommodation choices to choose from. Nearby are the attractions of The Hawk Conservancy Trust and Thruxton Motorsport Centre.

Andover Museum

The story of Andover and surrounds are laid out here in photographs, documents, maps and artefacts. Located in Church Close.
(01264 366 283)

The Hawk Conservatory Trust

Birds of prey are in abundance here, hawks, eagles and owls fly free around 22 acres of woodland. (01264 773 850)

Museum of Army Chaplaincy

This museum explains a different side of military history. It tells of the mental health and episodes of many soldiers. (01264 773 144)

Whitchurch Silk Mill

Located 9 miles from Andover is this Georgian Watermill that has been weaving silk for over 200 years. There are regular exhibitions here as well as sales of silk gifts. Located in Whitchurch. (01256 892 065)


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