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Although the UK has many beautiful and interesting animals that people can see quite frequently, there are many thousands of species on the planet that we are not able to see in the wild. However, there are numerous wonderful zoos located in the British Isles enabling visitors to see a huge array of animals, insects, birds and fish from around the planet. 

People can marvel at the sheer power of India’s tigers and elephants or the grace and colour of Africa’s giraffes and zebras up close in Britain. The zoos of Britain are well looked after and create a good environment for their house guests, whether it is a swimming pool for the penguins or a rubber tyre for the gorillas. 

One of the best and most popular zoos in the UK is Chester Zoo in Cheshire, which has over 7,000 animals with more than 400 species of rare, exotic and endangered species on view. As with most of the other zoos in the country, Chester is open all year round except at Christmas and is a great day out for the family. 

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England’s bustling capital is also home to many species of animals at London Zoo, which is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. There is a diverse range of creatures housed here including lions, primates, snakes and all sorts of creepy crawlies amongst many other things. Its sister zoo is Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, where some of the animals are free roaming such as wallabies, deer and marmots.    

Over in Northern Ireland visitors can see more than 1,200 animals at Belfast Zoo with favourites including the Sumatran tiger, Barbary lion and the Western lowland gorilla. Many of the zoos in the UK are deeply concerned with conservation and organise various projects. They also help to protect endangered species with the Toco Toucans taking residence here being just two of 220 left in zoos around the world.


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