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Some of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures on the planet live underwater and therefore many of us would not normally see them. So a visit to an aquarium is the perfect way to observe fish, crustaceans and sea mammals very close up without even getting wet. 

This privilege is offered throughout the United Kingdom with many exciting aquariums and related attractions of varying sizes. Visitors of all ages can marvel at the largest and most colourful fish from around the globe as well as the many different species seen off the British coastline. From sharks to seals and crabs to catfish, there is so much to see in the UK’s aquariums. 

One of the newest and biggest in the country is The Deep located at Kingston-upon-Hull in Yorkshire. Not only will visitors be treated to the sight of magnificent sea creatures, but they will also gain an understanding of the history and evolution of the earth’s oceans. 

The aquariums of the UK give people the opportunity to observe sea creatures from the oceans and seas all over the world. Visitors can watch in wonder at huge tanks containing fish, sea horses, turtles, octopuses and sharks as well as thousands of other creatures. 

Many of the top aquariums in the country are quite logically located near the coast or waterways such as the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, Devon. However, even visitors to the nation’s capital city can visit one of the numerous Sea Life Aquariums. Not only are the Sea Life aquariums located in London but also cities such as Birmingham, Blackpool, Brighton and Loch Lomond.  

It easy to forget though how diverse the sea life off British shores is and some aquariums help to educate the public about the waters around the British Isles. For example, Exploris is an aquarium at Portaferry in Northern Ireland that enables visitors to see well known fish such as cod, bass and halibut being fed alongside conger eels and a number of shark species. All these are found in British waters along with the common and grey seals seen at the aquarium. 

These are examples of some of the larger attractions to be found in the UK, but holidaymakers can often find smaller aquariums at seaside destinations. For example the sea life around Dorset’s coast can be seen at the Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium, where visitors will see starfish, lobsters, sea scorpions and much more besides. Wherever you are in the UK though, an aquarium can provide a great day out for all the family. 


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