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Armagh, in county Armagh is a particular area of interest in Northern Ireland. Although by many to be considered as a large town, it was granted city status, but remains the most under-populated city in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Armagh is a site of worship for both Celtic paganism and Christianity, calling for many visitors from across the world. Armagh features two cathedrals, both situated on hills and named after St. Patrick, making Armagh the only city in the world to have two cathedrals with the same name. The planetarium is an attraction of special interest and the reconstruction of the shopping high street has introduced a visually fantastic shopping street to enjoy.


Armagh hotels

Armagh is very accommodating to visitors with many accommodation choices including hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts and is easily accessible by road and rail.

The Argory

Belonging to Irish gentry is this Neo Classical house. Walking here along the river is a delight and the views are exceptional. There is a playground on the grounds to entertain the children as well. Located in Derrycaw Road. (01868 784 753)

Armagh County Museum

There are large collections here, supporting the history of the region, with artefacts and displays. (02837 523 070)

Armagh Planetarium

The town has a long standing history with astronomy, and this planetarium takes you to every corner of the universe through interactive displays. (028375 24725)

Palace Demesne Stables

This was once an old palace, now an historical village attraction showing modern folk what life was once like in Georgian Times. The staff dress in traditional costumes and give great commentaries. (02837 529 629)


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