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Tucked away in the North East corner of Morecambe Bay is one of Cumbria’s best villages, Arnside.

Being placed in the Arnside and Silverdale area of outstanding natural beauty, you will be hard pushed to discover a more beautiful area to spend a day or even a week. Up to the 19th Century Arnside was still active as a port and there is still evidence in Arnside to suggest this. Some of the areas of particular interest include the Arnside Tower, the oldest building in Arnside.

Arnside Tower is a peel tower built around the 14th/15th century and is very popular amongst both fans of architecture and history.

Arnside hotels

Walkers particularly love Arnside Knott, a hill overlooking the town, where you can enjoy some great walks through the scenic and stunning countryside. The beach can be enjoyed throughout the warmer months, with glorious golden sand and a fabulous sunset view, it may seem impossible to want to leave.

Arnside Tower, Arnside, Cumbria

In resistance to Edward I’s imposition of English rule over Scotland, tens of thousands of Scots set about ransacking parts of northern England. In response, small defensive structures know as Pele Towers were constructed across Cumbria and Northumberland.
The remnants of Arnside Tower, built in the late 14th Century, show that the towers withstood attack by man, but not by nature. Fire and storm damage may have taken their toll, but the site is still well worth a visit.

The Fairy Steps, Arnside, Cumbria

According to legend, if you can climb the Fairy Steps without touching the sides, your wish will be granted by fairies.
Also known as a ‘corpse road’ (dead bodies were once moved this way to a nearby church), these limestone steps climb through a steep, but narrow cleft of rock. If you’re hoping for a good view, then don’t fear touching the sides. The panorama from the top is well worth the clamber.


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