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Ashburton is based in the Devonshire region of Dartmoor, easily reached by the A38 Devon Expressway. Ashburton plays host to a rich and fascinating heritage and with one of the oldest surviving carnivals in Devon, its heritage is still alive and well today.


Amongst the many fabulous buildings you can see, the Ashburton Museum holds a range of exhibitions of local interest, as well as a large collection of North American Indian artefacts.

Also situated in the town is the breathtaking Parish Church of St. Andrew, where you can see an impressive 92ft tower, as well as learning some interesting history regarding religion in the area.

Ashburton greatly welcomes visitors and tourists and has a range of great pubs, cafes, restaurants and accommodation choices on offer. The superb Dartmoor countryside is a mere walk away, where you can experience nature trails, cycling experiences and pony rides amongst some of the most pleasant landscapes in Britain.

Ashburton Museum
Lots of historical local artefacts are displayed here, an unusual highlight is the Endacott collection, which comprises of many North American Indian relics. Located on West Street. (01364 652 648)

The Buckfast Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary
This is an unusual pairing, but both exhibits are delightful.
(01364 642 916)

South Devon Railway
Step back in time here and enjoy a traditional railway journey, where everything, from the ticket masters uniforms to the stations, are just as they would have been in the early days of steam rail travel.
(0845 345 1427)

The Chapel of St Lawrence
This is one of Ashburton’s oldest buildings and was handed over to the town in 1314, it was a grammar school and closed its doors in 1938.


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