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The Attenbourough Nature Centre was opened by Sir David Attenborough in 2005. The centre is set in the Attenborough Nature Reserve; home to a huge variety of land and water creatures.

The centre is a sustainable building, making use of solar panels, water pumped from the lake, recycled furniture, sinks and toilets that consume low amounts of water and green building materials designed to provide insulation.

The reserve has been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to some of the scarce species that it supports. The area is made up of ponds, grassland, a lake and marshy land. Insects, fish and amphibians such as the smooth newt inhabit tese sites.


Attenbourough Nature Centre

Best known for its birds, the Attenborough Nature Reserve is frequented by a variety of ducks, sawbills, sea ducks and cormorants. It is common for migrant birds to make use of the habitat during spring and autumn. During the summer breeding season it is usual to see common tern, shelduck, little ringed plover and the great crested grebe. There have also been sightings of some rare species such as the grasshopper warbler.

Guided walks of the site are available, as is a bird-watching area.

The Nature Centre is accessible to wheelchair users, as are the toilet facilities. There is a cafe and gift shop on site.

The reserve is six miles from Nottingham, and is accessible by car, bus and train.

Contact Details:
Attenborough Nature Centre,
Barton Lane,
Telephone: 0115 972 1777



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