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Located in South West Scotland in the Firth of Clyde is the port and town of Ayr.

Being the largest settlement in Ayrshire, Ayr is the home to many fabulous attractions and can be accessed easily from Edinburgh on the A70 road. Ayr has a gorgeous beach with silky sands and cool waters where you can enjoy a great day building sandcastles and walking the dogs right up until dusk when you can see the sun setting on the horizon, a truly stunning vision.

Ayr also host Wallace Tower, a memorial to the great William Wallace as well as other historical sites. The shopping street houses many big names, including fashion and home ware retailers.


The surrounding area is full of rich natural beauty and great opportunities to enjoy the freshness of the natural environment Scotland is so famous for.

Wallace Tower
This 34metre high tower also has a statue of William Wallace

A popular pastime here. A round trip from Ayr, taking in the Culzean castle is 22 miles


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