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Bamburgh Castle stands on a high volcanic outcrop overlooking the North Sea. From this imposing position the castle dominates the landscape for miles around. The view from the battlements takes in the Farne Islands, the Cheviot Hills and two other castles, those at Holy Island and Dunstanburgh. 

The castle has a long history as the home of the ancient kings of Northumbria although the oldest building on the site now is the large Norman Keep, built sometime in the 12 century. Most of the buildings that exist today were built by the first Lord Armstrong, who acquired the castle in the 1890s and began a major reconstruction project. The castle is still home to the Armstrong family today. 


Bamburgh Castle

Guided tours of the castle’s interior are available throughout the day and include visits to the  King's Hall, the Cross Hall, Reception Rooms, the Bakehouse and Victorian Scullery, as well as the Armoury and Dungeon. All of these areas contain a wide range of fine china, furniture, tapestries, arms and armour. 

The location of Bamburgh, perched on top of a high outcrop overlooking fine sandy beaches, makes it a popular choice for film makers. Several scenes from “Becket” were filmed in 1964 and more recently the castle featured in the movie “King Arthur” in 2004. 

The oldest part of the castle is the Keep which houses the Armoury, a collection of arms and armour still bearing the scars of battle. There are pikes, halberds and muskets which were issued to local militia in anticipation of a Napoleonic invasion. 


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