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The Management Centre Hotel

The Management Centre
The Management Centre doesn't conjure up the image of a magnificent stately home, and its building is somewhat tucked away behind the campus of Bangor University , but this fantastic hotel is a real find - literally.

Housed in a beautiful building that overlooks the Menai Straits and Anglesey ; this well-run hotel is clean, bright and something of a labyrinth. It's also great value for those looking for a convenient stopover.

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Bangor, Wales

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Located in the beautiful Gwynedd, Wales, Bangor is one of the smallest cities in Britain, despite its prestigious role as a University City, where thousands of students flock to its established institutions. Although it is small, Bangor is an important centre for classical music events, which run at various venues across the city.

Some of the sights to see at Bangor include Garth Pier, the second longest pier in Wales and the ninth longest in the UK. Recently Garth Pier has enjoyed an upgrade to a Grade 2 listed status, and is a great place to watch the coastline.

Bangor Cathedral, an ancient and impressive sight, has been a Christian worshipping site since the 6th century and is an amazing example of ancient architecture. Of course, there’s also Bangor Mountain to see. Although not actually a true mountain, Bangor Mountain enjoys an imposing position looking down on the city and is a great place to go for beautiful views in clean-cut air.

Bangor Cathedral
This Cathedral has operated continuously more than any other British Cathedral. The 16th century wooden Mostyn Christ is the highlight here. 

Bangor Museum and Art Gallery

Traditional costumes and furniture are highlighted in the upper floors here. The ground floor features the art works, mostly contempory Welsh pieces  

Victorian Pier
With its view of Telford’s Bridge, this lovely 1550 feet pier is lovely for a stroll or to sit and watch the Menai strait. Located just a 15minute walk from the town centre. 

Penrhyn Castle
Located two miles east of Bangor, this huge, nineteenth century castle overlooks Port Penrhyn. Not a very attractive sight from the outside it does have however over 300 rooms, filled with all the luxuries you would expect to find in a castle.


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