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Claverton House

A superb country house set back from a busy road (although thanks to its double-glazing, the traffic can't be heard); Claverton House is a pearl in the Sussex countryside.

You can rest easy in a comfortable bed before enjoying a peaceful walk in its beautiful landscaped gardens. You can also (if you don't mind paying that little bit extra) indulge in a wonderful evening meal in its compact and bijou dining room. All-in-all, a gem of a B&B.

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In the county of East Sussex located by the town Hastings is the famous village of Battle, the site of the Battle of Hastings, where the Duke of Normandy defeated King Harold in 1066. Naturally, Battle has a lot to offer tourists in the way of sites of interest to those interested in British History.


Battle Abbey, founded to commemorate the famous battle, is an amazing example of architecture with the “high altar”, which is reputedly the spot where Harold died.

Although little remains of the Abbey itself, the gateway is still a dominant feature on the landscape. A site of paleontological interest is Blackhorse Quarry, which has been the site of many fossil discoveries and is a must-see for anyone interested in Ecology or Natural History, as is the Hemingfold Meadow, where two meadows are located with nationally rare grassland species.


Battle Abbey
The famous Battle of Hastings is commemorated at this Benedictine Abbey. William the Conqueror founded the Abbey to celebrate his victory. Although large and imposing it is a delightful place to roam around, children can have plenty of fun here as well. (01424 773 792)

Battle Museum of Local History
You can find everything her relating to the past of Battle, including it’s famous battle history. Exhibitions of all sorts are displayed here, including the history of the Long Bow, and believe it or not the Dodo. Located on High Street. (0124 775955)

Hastings Castle
These castle ruins signify one of the first of the Norman Castles constructed in England. You can learn the history for the castle and its battles here as well as enjoy a wonderful view of the coast. Located on Castle Hill Road. (01424 444 412)

Bodiam Castle
This four towered castle has a moat that boasts some of the largest goldfish you will ever see. The outside has been restored however not the interior. But well worth a stroll around to enjoy seeing the English countryside. Located 9 miles from Battle. (01580 830 436)

Kent and East Sussex
A quaint 11 mile train ride though rolling hills for the Kent countryside and ends up in Bodiam Village. (0870 600 6074)


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