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The highest mountain in Britain at 1,344 metres high (or 4,408 feet), Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands is a serious walk or climb.

Ben Nevis

The average temperature at the summit is -1 degrees C and it is not advised to walk up the mountain from November to March unless highly experienced in winter walking.

Just one day in 10 is a fine day so it is important to look at the weather forecast before setting out. The Tourist Path is the best way to ascend for novice walkers and it is recommended that walkers return by the same route as several have descended in a different direction to find sudden steepness and should that combine with a fog you may get into difficulty. This walk takes a good four hours and is a great achievement for any walker.  

To start the walk, head for Achintree and signs for the Claggan Industrial Estate. Take the turning to Achintree where signs will direct you to the start of the Tourist Path. After crossing the River Nevis walkers will find a steep ascent up the path which does even out as it winds up the mountain. The path zig zags through slopes with sheep and eventually comes to a steep scree slope above the tree line and rocky tracks.

Finally at the summit the views are spectacular across the Scottish Highlands. There is an old observatory at the top which provides shelter on a windy day. Ben Nevis has a flat top, unlike most mountains and the cairn is the highest point.  
The descent of Ben Nevis is a lot faster taking 1-2 hours and is steep in parts requiring care. At the end do celebrate as you will have climbed Britain’s highest mountain.


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