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Founded in 1994, The Big Chill Festival is held each year on the grounds of Eastnor Castle in early August.  The festival is a mix of alternative, dance and just all around good music with a little bit of comedy, art, film and poetry mixed in as well.  Some of the best known musical acts will also be rocking the stage with artists such as M.I.A, Lily Allen, Plan B, and Gregory Isaacs.

Big Chill Festival

Tickets to the event are available online and from Ticketmaster.  Adult prices are £155, while student weekend tickets are £120.  Teen weekend tickets are available for £60.  If you can only make it for one day of the festival, then Sunday only tickets can be bought for £70. 

Getting to and from the festival site is an easy thing to do.  For those coming by car, there are three parking areas available with one being reserved for families and those with disabilities.  If you do come this way, it is recommended that you carpool with others to save on petrol and help out the environment. 

In addition, it is important that you not follow the directions provided by SAT NAV as these will lead you astray.  Follow the signs to your designated parking lot and you’ll get there without getting lost.  If you come by train, the nearest stations are Great Malvern and Ledbury.  There will be a shuttle running from the Great Malvern station to get you to the festival site.     

Camping at the Big Chill is also available and if you don’t have your own tent, you can rent one from the Big Green Tent Company.  They will provide you with a simple, one piece tent that is a little better for the environment since extra parts won’t get left behind which could wind up in a landfill.If camping isn’t your thing, but you still want to be on festival grounds, there are other options.  Podpads are weatherproof, secure and dry little houses which can be rented for the weekend.  Other options include renting myhabs made from recycled plastic and waterproof cardboard, Yurtels which include a double or twin bed or

even tipis are available, too.  But if you really can’t live without room service, contact the Malvern Tourist Board for more information on hotels in the vicinity.

While music will always be the main draw for the festival, there are other events taking place over the weekend.  Since the Big Chill Festival is a family affair there is plenty for the kids to do.  In the Kids Entertainment tent there are stories, interactive games, puppet shows as well as much more.  There are also plenty of workshops including making clay models, drawing, and pizza making.  There’s even a trampoline available to work off some of that energy.  And if mum and dad need a break, Boutique Babysitting offers parents an opportunity to go enjoy the festival for a few hours on their own while the kids stay in a safe and secure area under the care of qualified professionals.  During this time, mum and dad can take advantage of Club Mum and just chill or take in some of the musical acts on stage.


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