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Boarding houses are a traditional style of accommodation not often found in abundance as they once were. Usually made up of lodgers renting individual rooms for days, weeks, months or even years, a boarding house is a convenient accommodation choice if you’re looking for somewhere with low room rates, a friendly welcome and a homely environment where you don’t need to worry about upkeep of private rental accommodation or high room rates of hotels. Perhaps the more modern day version of a boarding house is bed and breakfast accommodation, although they are typically more for a couple of nights rather than a short term stay.


Boarding House

As many people choose a boarding house for a short term stay, they are typically popular with students, travellers and those on business trips, as they provide cheaper accommodation than a hotel which would be more suited to a few nights and to a private rental which is more suited to long term stays. However, you may also find some boarding houses that take on lodgers for long term stays. Staying in a boarding house is favoured by students and travellers, as staying with other lodgers give them the chance to meet other people in similar situations.

In boarding houses the common areas are maintained by the landlord, although in the modern day most boarding houses have private bathroom, and some services like cleaning and laundry are provided, and the majority are bed and board accommodation so offer at least one meal per day and you can usually choose bed and breakfast, half board or full board.


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