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Today the fishing industry in Brighton is alive and well, and the Brighton Fishing Museum & Quarter provides a place for tourists who are interested in its heritage. The Museum is located in the centre of the Quarter, which also supports a number of artists and photographers. At the museum you will be guided through the history of Brighton’s fishing industry from the 1700s to the present day. There are hundreds of pictures and artefacts for interested visitors to look through. The centrepiece of the museum is a 27 foot clinker built punt boat – the traditional Sussex fish boat.

If it’s the sea’s bounty that you’re interested in, more than the history of fishing, then the quarter has a myriad of shops that sell fish and seafood. Sea Haze is the fishmonger run by Neil Messenger. Neil’s fish is brought in straight from his own family’s boats. There is a wide range of shellfish on offer at Brighton Shellfish and Oyster Bar. If smoked fish is your thing then Jack and Linda Mills run a traditional fish smoker. They smoke fish in a black smokehouse across from their shop, smoking the fish using oak or applewood, and using no chemicals.

There are also a number of events running throughout the year in the quarter. The main event on the calendar is the Mackerel Fayre in May when a member of the clergy comes for the traditional “Blessing of the Nets” to ensure that future bounties are rich. There are also regular performances by the Salvation Army band and the local Morris Men. With Brighton Pier only a few steps away, the Fishing Museum and Quarter is a truly English place to be.


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