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In a sense, the Bull Ring Centre in Birmingham is probably the oldest shopping area anywhere. There was a market held on this site in 1154 and there has been continuous retail facilities here ever since. It has to be said, however, that the present Bull Ring Centre only dates from 2003. 

Bull Ring, Birmingham

Consisting of 4 main buildings, linked to each other underground, the Bull Ring is in the very heart of the city of Birmingham. All buildings are linked with walkways, lifts and escalators, both in the main areas and within the major stores. It incorporates 3 integrated car parks, one of which is linked by an ultra-modern footbridge to the adjacent store. 

From the beginning, artwork has been incorporated into the design of the centre. In many open spaces there are art installations of all eras, from the 1809 statue of Nelson to a modern art display near the Rotunda and illuminated fountains in St. Martin’s Square. 

There has been a depiction of a bull somewhere since the first centre was built. The current depiction is a large bronze statue in the main atrium, which, on occasions, “talks”  to passers by. This provides a constant delight to all ages.  With youngsters in mind, there are many activities and events provided around the centre, most particularly in the major school holidays.

At all times a “Child safe” scheme is in operation, with wristbands issued to all visiting youngsters and many safety collecting points throughout the centre, should they become separated from their families. All details are available from the customer service desks.  Shopmobility schemes are in operation in the centre, with wheelchairs and scooters available for shoppers. The scheme is linked to specially-provided disabled parking in the central car park. 

Many visitors come to the Bull Ring by car. The signposting is reasonably clear and there is a good amount of parking in the 3 dedicated car parks – some 3,000 spaces run by NCP. In addition there is considerable city parking in the immediate vicinity, particularly near the Rotunda and New Street train station. 

The Bull Ring is adjacent to New Street train station, which provides mainline links to all local stations as well as further afield. There is a walkway link to the centre, which is quite long, but an easy walk and wheelchair accessible.


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