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Choosing a camper van as your holiday accommodation is a great choice if you like the idea of a camping holiday but prefer a few more home comforts and is also popular with families with young children who may find traditional camping in a tent uncomfortable. The best thing about staying in a camper van is that you can stay pretty much anywhere you want and you don’t need to worry about finding accommodation, you can simply pack up and head out and about. Some camper vans can be expensive to buy, but don’t let that put you off, as you can also rent camper vans for your holiday, which is a great way to have a cheap holiday without the expense of owning a camper van.

Camper Vans

With a camper van you can enjoy all the fun parts of a camping holiday like the atmosphere, barbeques and the great outdoors, but enjoy the comfort of staying in accommodation indoors. Of course, all camper vans have sleeping facilities and most have a small kitchenette that’s a great alternative to cooking on a stove, and some larger camper vans also have portable toilets and showers.

As with any camping holiday, the great thing about a camper van is that you’ll find so many camp sites all over the country to park up and stay, whether you’re looking for a bustling camp site with plenty of amenities from swimming pools and sports to restaurants and bars, or if you’re looking to get back to nature with basic camp sites in the countryside.  


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