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If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful getaway then camping is the perfect choice of accommodation whether you’re travelling with the family or a group of friends. Many people choose to go camping because not only is it a really cheap type of accommodation, but the atmosphere on a campsite is fantastic, especially if you’re in a group or as a family. Choosing camping is a great way to get away from it and all, simply throw up your tent, get the barbeque burning and enjoy the surroundings. Wherever you plan on taking your camping holiday you’ll find plenty of campsites all over the country, many of which allow you to simply turn up and set up camp without having to book in advance; a great option if you love to be spontaneous and have a real adventure.



Depending on what you’re looking for in a camping holiday, you’ll find a variety of camping sites; you’ll find lots of basic campsites with little or no amenities other than toileting and showering facilities that are often popular with groups of friends who enjoying travelling and exploring. If back to basics isn’t your thing but you fancy a camping holiday you will find an abundance of family camping sites that are much more comfortable and have lots of fun amenities like club houses, amusements, swimming pools, tennis courts and much more to keep all the family entertained. A family camp site is also a great choice if you have young children, as they can make lots of new friends. 


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