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Imaging travelling down the UK’s finest waterways through some of the most beautiful rolling countryside, passing quaint hamlets, traditional village pubs and receiving a warm welcome as you go; that’s what a canal boat holiday is all about. Once seen as a holiday choice for older people, canal boat holidays have made a huge comeback over the past few years as people realise how fun they can be and how much of the country you can explore.

The best thing about a canal boat holiday is that you can travel the country’s best canals from the north to the south, exploring so much of the UK, which you wouldn’t be able to do with another type of accommodation.

Canal Boats

Many people who rent a canal boat for a holiday love the self catering aspect, eating and going when and where you want, and there’s nothing better than mooring up by a lovely village pub for a spot of lunch before wandering the quaint streets. Canal boats are very deceptive and although they look small from the outside they are often very spacious inside with plenty of sleeping space for large families with sleeping, kitchen and toilet facilities.

People often worry about understanding how to work a canal boat but it’s very easy and when you book your canal boat you will be taught how to steer, moor and navigate the waterways, although you can also rent canal boats that come with a guide who will do all the work for you. When considering booking a canal boat holiday you should think about all aspects including the safety, especially if you’re travelling with young children or animals. However, children adore canal boat holidays with the great outdoors and the abundance of wildlife you’ll see as you pass by the rolling countryside.


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