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A vacation away from the stresses and strains of everyday life can mean staying in one place for a week or two. Holidays on the canals of the UK not only provide great relaxation, but allow you to see many different sights at your own leisure. 

Britain’s waterways offer some stunning locations, scenery and wildlife as well as an enormous amount of fun. Once the great transport link between cities for various elements of UK industry, the canals are now a thriving tourist attraction and a way of life for many people. 

There are some great choices for people looking to take a canal boat holiday with various destinations across the UK. The slow four miles per hour speed of the boats lets you take in the wonderful views all around or sunbathe while someone else steers the boat. However, you still have to be on your guard as you negotiate the locks to enable the boat to go uphill and downhill. 

UK Canals

Fantastic aqueducts provide a magnificent view from on high of the British countryside, with the Pontcysylte Aqueduct at Llangollen in North Wales a brilliant example. Opened in 1805 the 116 foot high aqueduct and the Llangollen Canal are now a World Heritage Site. Other canals provide exciting tunnels that are not lit so they need alert passengers especially in the narrow single way ones.  

Narrowboats are really quite cosy vessels with many modern facilities and keep sleep between 2 and 12 people. Boats have more or less everything you need including modern kitchens, beds, heating, showers and toilets. They are ideal for families and friends to have great fun, with the more hands on deck the better to carry out the daily chores.  

Canal holidays are also a good way to tour wonderful visitor attractions in the UK. For example the Warwickshire Ring passes famous landmarks such as Warwick Castle, Coventry Cathedral and Cadbury World in Bourneville. The Thames offers passengers wonderful views of London that you wouldn’t normally see but also passes famous attractions such as Hampton Court and Windsor Castle. 

One of the most exciting canal trips is available in Scotland covering the Union and the Forth and Clyde Canals between Edinburgh and Glasgow. This involves an amazing transfer between the canals by way of the 115 foot high Falkirk Wheel.  

All of the UK canals are enjoyable and relaxing making them a fantastic family holiday. It is easy to hire a boat through one of the 50 or so leading boat hire operators in the UK, by either phoning up or booking through the internet. Many travel agents also arrange canal boat holidays.


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