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With castle hotels and accommodation you can live like royalty for your stay, with lavish rooms, roaring fireplaces, striking architecture and breathtaking castle grounds, all adding the amazing experience of staying in a castle hotel. You’ll find that many castle hotels are also spa hotels with lots of relaxing spa treatments, adding to the luxuriousness of castle accommodation. Considering all these aspects, castles are the perfect choice of accommodation if you’re looking for a romantic weekend break and want to get away from it all while also taking in some amazing history. Castles often have beautiful grounds too, which make lovely evening strolls. If there’s a large group of you looking to stay in castle accommodation for a group holiday or a special occasion, you can even rent out an entire castle hotel for your stay.  

Although you would usually associate castle hotels with countryside locations, you’ll also find some castle accommodation in historical cities, offering you a varying degree of different locations for your break. As you would imagine, choosing to book castle accommodation is not a cheap accommodation option, but it offers you breathtaking settings and guest rooms, surrounded by amazing history and luxury.

Staying in a castle hotel is a luxurious choice of accommodation, so you would expect to pay a high rate to stay in this type of accommodation. If you’re keen to stay in a castle for a weekend break you may be able to find some great deals for castle hotels online. 

Popular UK Castles

Alnwick Castle
Bamburgh Castle
Caernarfon Castle
Corfe Castle
Conwy Castle
Dover Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Eilean Donan Castle
Hever Castle
Leeds Castle
Lindisfarne Castle
Stirling Castle
Tintagel Castle
Windsor Castle


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