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Castleton, a honey pot village in Derbyshire, lies on the western end of the Hope Valley on the Peakshole Water, tributary on the River Noe. Castleton features a number of fantastic walks and countryside pursuits, largely due to the position of hills on three sides of the village. Castleton enjoyed fame and prosper from its lead mining, including the Odin Mine, one of the oldest lead mines in the country.

The use of the mine created enlarged local caverns and four are now open to the public, making a great day out for the family to explore the local history of the area.

Castleton hotels

Castleton’s skyline is dominated by Peveril Castle; a Grade 1 listed building that is largely ruins. Never the less, Peveril Castle is an interesting insight into British History. There are a number of inns, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts in Castleton, with a great range of places to eat and stands as a great base for exploring the surrounding areas.

Peveril Castle

These castle ruins are a steep walk from the village, but the views over Hope valley are worth the effort

Peak Cavern

This is one of four limestone caves around Castleon. If you follow the stream from the village, you will come upon the largest natural cave entrance in England, with the dubious name of Devils Arse.

Speedwell Cavern

Another limestone cave that can be reached by boat, it’s a very eerie trip into the mineshaft ending up at a huge underground lake, called Bottomless Pit.

Cave Dale

This rocky walk is below the east wall of the castle. There are plenty of paths and walks from this area.


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