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Built in the early 1300s, Clevedon Court in North Somerset, has been modernised over the centuries, but retains much of its medieval character. A two-storey buttress is original, as is an archway complete with a portcullis. Built by Sir John de Clevedon, an ancestor of a Norman granted the land after the Norman Conquest, the manor includes a chapel, and incorporates an earlier 13th century building and tower (Archaeological excavations have found that the site was used even earlier than that, as a Roman settlement.) There is a chapel two miles from the house which predates Clevedon Court, but it was clearly more convenient for the Clevedons to build their own place of worship.      

Clevedon Court

Four hundred years, and various owners later, the house was purchased in 1709 by Abraham Elton. The Elton's still manage and occupy Clevedon Court today. This is the family that produced the famous potter, Sir Edmund Elton, and a large collection of his work can be viewed at the house. Elton's work was famous particularly during the early 20th century, as his art-nouveau designs were marketed by Tiffany and Co.

Another collection at the Court is the Nailsea Glass collection. This style of glassmaking came about in the mid 19th century, when everyday items such as jugs and bowls were produced using window glass, as manufacturers were not taxed on this type of glass.

The Court's gardens are mainly 18th century in design. There are terraces and various outbuildings, such as the original kitchens, stables, a 13th century barn and a summerhouse.


There are four steps to the entrance of Clevedon Court. Inside, there are some narrow rooms and corridors, which may be awkward for wheelchair users. The staircase to the first floor is unsuitable for prams and wheelchairs.

The main lawn and patio are quite evenly surfaced, but other areas are steep and uneven.

Clevedon Court can be accessed by road, bus and train, but contact the house for the latest travel information, as timetables and routes can change.

There is a small kiosk serving drinks and light snacks.

For young visitors there is a quiz trail and children's guide available.

Contact Details:
Clevedon Court,
Tickenham Road,
North Somerset,
BS21 6QU
Tel: 01275 872257



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