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We live in age now when we are being asked to cut back on carbon emissions and find much greener transport alternatives. The answer is to ride a bicycle as not only is this environmentally friendly, but it is also a great form of exercise. 

Cycling in the UK can be great fun especially when you get to the beautiful villages and country roads. In fact cycling is being made much easier in Britain with more and more cycle paths being created. Over 10,000 miles of traffic free routes, quiet lanes and traffic calmed city streets have been created to form a comprehensive cycling network right across the country. 

The beauty of cycling is that people of all ages can learn to cycle and enjoy the experience without having to be Lance Armstrong. Whether you are taking a long ride down to the coast or just a small trip to the local shops, cycling is fun and healthy.  


Some of the cycle routes in the UK enable riders to visit great scenic and historic sites such as Hadrian’s Cycleway in the north of England. Cyclists don’t have to follow the whole 174 mile route from Ravenglass in Cumbria to South Shields in Tyne & Wear. However, there are some great stopping points along the way including Lanacost Priory and the impressive Tyne Bridge. 

The Mercian Way is another fantastic cycle route taking riders through the counties of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Cheshire. En route cyclist will encounter beautiful English countryside as well as scenic villages and settlements. A more gentile route up in Scotland takes a seven mile off road ride around Edinburgh and is a good track for families to enjoy. 

A fantastic scheme in London has opened up further opportunities for visitors to the English capital to cycle. The bicycle hire scheme allows visitors to the city to pay for a bike at a docking station with their credit card and return it when they finish. Aside from the hire scheme there are many bicycle tours of the city provided with guided tours offered in several European languages.

There are some wonderful cycle tracks elsewhere across the UK such as the five mile route between Antrim and Randalstown in Northern Ireland. The National Cycle Network offers so many interesting journeys that it is hard to choose where to start first. However, there is something for everyone with short, medium and long routes, all of which provide the ideal way to see more of the country and its heritage. 


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