The Aviator Hotel

This really is a fantastically themed hotel which evokes the ‘golden age of flying' in every part of its accommodation.

Shaped like a propeller on the inside, the hotel is sited adjacent to Farnborough Airport which plays host to all manner of private jets. A beautiful, top class and comfortable stay is assured.


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Part of the district of Rushmoor, in Hampshire, England, is the town of Farnborough. By the Surrey boundary and the River Blackwater, Farnborough is in a stunning location with easy access to the surrounding towns of Basingstoke and Farnham.

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Amongst the attractions found at Farnborough is Tower Hill, Cove where a large accumulation of Sarsen stones exist, of various sizes. The town is also home to St. Michael’s Abbey, where you can find the Imperial Crypt, the final resting place of Napoleon III.

The River Blackwater on the border was the location of the first international prize fight between Tom Sayers and John C Heenan, which took place near the location of the Ship Inn pub and also features a number of interesting walks. Farnborough is very accommodating towards tourists, featuring a number of places to stay, as well as being around 35 miles from the capital of London, which can be easily accessed by the nearby motorway or rail.

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Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, Trenchard House, 85 Farnborough Road GU14 6TF (01252) 375050
Located in Trenchard House, the earliest building on the Farnborough site; the Air Sciences Trust was devised in 1993 to retain Farnborough’s historic factory site.
Now housing a collection of aviation artefacts, jet aircraft (connected to RAE Farnborough) and helicopters; the trust also celebrates the development of flying thanks to the work of RAE Farnborough.

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust

Aldershot Military Museum, Queens Avenue, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 2LG (0845) 603 5635
Telling the story of daily life for Aldershot’s soldiers and civilians since 1854, Aldershot Military Museum contains five galleries showcasing all manner of military memorabilia.
Recreated barrack displays adorn the John Reed Gallery; a celebration of Samuel Franklin Cody’s first powered flight from Farnborough can be seen in the Cody Gallery; and Field Marshall Montgomery’s war time building which stood in the grounds of his home, are particular highlights.


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