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It is estimated that 3.3 million people go fishing on a regular basis in the United Kingdom showing that is one of the most popular pastimes in the country. It is easy to see why as there can be few better ways to get away from everyday life and relax by sitting on a river bank or pier, waiting for the fish to bite. 

Of course fishing comes in many different forms with men and woman of all ages heading to the rivers, lakes, canals and shores to catch their prize. The waters of the UK offer a diverse range of fish with the likes of trout, pike, carp and roach to be found in the rivers and canals. While offshore fishing in British waters will offer up mackerel, cod, sole, dogfish and bass amongst many others. 

The UK has some wonderful places to take your rod and reel and try some coarse fishing in the freshwaters. The largest freshwater in the UK is at Loch Lomond in Scotland, which is a stunningly beautiful location and offers good fishing. Anglers might expect to catch roach or perch here. 


Larford Lakes in Worcestershire is another great venue for coarse fishing with ample supplies of roach, bream and chub amongst other fish in the three lakes here. These lakes have some of the best fishing facilities in the country with tailor made fishing platforms and a decent cafe. Some hardy anglers even stay out all night and they are well looked after with hot and cold running water and toilet facilities. 

Game fishing opportunities exist in the UK with a number of rivers containing trout and salmon across the country. The Lake Country House and Spa in Powys, Wales is a good location to spend a weekend trout fishing on the large well stocked lake. The Rivers Wye and Usk are nearby and provide some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the country. 

Many holiday resorts by the sea provide good locations for experienced anglers and novices, who might take to the sea walls, piers and shorelines. In fact many of these resorts will also offer boat trips for an hour or so, where passengers can catch, take home and cook their catch of the day. A good catch of mackerel or other fish off the coast of Britain can provide a great evening meal for people on a self catering holiday.


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