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A small town and cargo port in the south of Cornwall, England, Fowey is a charming area set upon the beautiful surroundings of the mouth of the River Fowey.

Being on the South Coast of Cornwall, Fowey enjoys its position within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it a favourable destination for many tourists to England’s southern coast. At the end of the Saints’ Way, Fowey has a number of historic buildings including the ruins of St. Catherine’s Castle. You can also enjoy a number of traditional seaside activities, incorporating the beautiful walks with visits to the gorgeous beach to sunbathe and play games.

Popular legend is that Jesus visited Fowey as a child; therefore the town has become a haven for religious members for decades, with many of them visiting the Punches Cross, a cross that is used to commemorate the supposed visit of Christ whose name derived from Pontius Pilate.

Fowey Museum, Trafalgar Square, Fowey, Cornwall (01726) 833513

Celebrating a rich sea-faring heritage, Fowey Museum contains the artefacts and memorabilia of Fowey’s special history.

Sailed from by Drake and Raleigh; visited by Queen Victoria; and used by Daphne du Maurier for inspiration; Fowey Museum preserves the town’s past with this fascinating exhibition.


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