Meare Manor

Meare Manor is a conveniently located (for Cheddar Gorge and Glastonbury Tor), privately-owned hotel deep in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

Externally, the façade is quite imposing, and internally the public areas are steeped in character. While the bedrooms may be on the small side, they are still comfortable; and when a good night's sleep is followed by a hearty breakfast, you know you've stayed in a great hotel.


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Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset, England, well known for its historical and legendary features, which include Glastonbury Lake Village, Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset Rural Life Museum and Glastonbury Tor as well as the Glastonbury Festival which takes place annually in the nearby village of Pilton.

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Other things to see are The Tribunal, a medieval merchant's house once used as the Abbey courthouse that now serves as a museum containing possessions and works of art from the Glastonbury Lake Village and also houses the tourist information centre.

The Somerset Rural Life Museum features some of the history of Somerset and is housed in buildings surrounding a 14th century barn once belonging to Glastonbury Abbey. Being considered by the majority of visitors to be a very attractive town, Glastonbury enjoys tourists throughout the year, and has a number of excellent accommodation choices. Glastonbury is the ideal place to stay if you want to get away from it all in a beautiful rural area that can offer you peace and tranquillity as well as many outdoor activities.

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Chalice Well and Gardens
The water her has been purported to cure all. You can try some for yourself or just soak your toes in it. The gardens here are lush and peaceful.

Glastonbury Abbey
In it’s time this abbey was the most well known and prestigious in England. Mostly ruins now, however some of the buildings have been preserved. (01458 832 267)

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Rural Life Museum
Some of the town’s main industries histories are displayed here, like willow growing, cheese making and cider production. (01458  831 197)

Glastonbury Story
The exhibitions and tales here relate to Glastonbury’s famous fore fathers, King Arthur being one such legend. Located in St Johns Square. (01458 831 666)

Glastonbury Tor
This 160metre hill is the home or many myths, however, putting that aside the view is great from the top. The walk up will take approximately 45mins.


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