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Known as the first village you reach in Scotland, Gretna Green is located within the south of the country, by the border with England. Gretna Green is known across the world as being famous for runaway weddings, however it is an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful retreat.

The village is situated in Dumfries and Galloway, near to the mouth of the River Esk. The village has excellent transport routes, due to its location alongside the A74 motorway and also features a railway station with lines to the surrounding towns and villages.

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Amongst the many sites in Gretna Green is The Old Blacksmith's shop, which was built around 1712. The Gretna Hall Blacksmith's Shop became, in popular folklore at least, the focal point for the marriage trade, and The Old Blacksmith's opened to the public as a visitor attraction as early as 1887.

Old Blacksmiths Shop

Known to be one of the first visitor attractions in Scotland. Here you can get married in the original marriage  room, shop for souvenirs, visit the coach museum, view arts and crafts, walk around the sculpture garden and much more.


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