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Filled with such a rich history of wars, tyrannical monarchs, roguish landowners, witchcraft and much more besides, the UK has many fascinating places to visit. The stately homes, castles, jails and other dwellings all have a tale to tell, but some of them are said to be haunted. 

Whether you believe the stories or not, there is no doubt the atmosphere of some of these places can be quite chilling. However, everyone enjoys a good yarn and the history attached to many of the UK’s haunted places is always very interesting. 

The castles of Britain can look quite spooky at the best of times but many of them have a history of miscreants, blood and gore so it is only natural for some to have ghost stories attached to them. From Baldoon Castle in Scotland to Bellister Castle in Northumberland and down to Bramber Castle in West Sussex, the UK is filled with haunted places. 

Haunted Places

One of the most infamous ghostly places in England is Pendle Hill in Lancashire, which is believed to be haunted by witches hanged in 1612 at Lancaster Castle. If stories are to be believed this place is not for the feint hearted as many very spooky things have happened in this area and the village of Newchurch. 

Visiting a cemetery immediately brings to mind spiritual thoughts and possibly one of the spookiest is Highgate Cemetery in London. This gothic building looks spectacular but quite unnerving and many people believed they saw a tall, dark figure with red hypnotic eyes here back in the 1960s. 

In fact it is not just buildings that are believed to be haunted as some of the UK’s woodland areas are thought to be filled with ghosts as well. For example in Scotland a ghostly dog is often seen at Ayr in Scotland, whiles the ghost of a woman on horseback has been sighted in Badby, Northamptonshire. 

If dark and dank caves are something you enjoy exploring for signs of paranormal activity then Chislehurst Caves in Kent may be the ideal location for a ghost hunt. Here there are over 20 miles of caverns and passageways filled with strange noises and orbs perhaps related to its mining or World War II history. Guided tours of the caves are provided daily. 

People can take self guided tours of Britain’s haunted places during the daytime, but for a spookier atmosphere it is even better to take a guided tour at night. Many companies and groups organise tours and overnight investigations of haunted places.




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