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Somewhat different to the usual idea of a factory outlet is Heathergems, a charming and very attractive craft centre in Pitlochry, Scotland, where artisan craftsmen make unique jewellery crafted from natural heather that grows in the highlands of the surrounding region.

If this sounds a little left field then it undoubtedly is, but what would the world be without quirky and quaint retailers like this, supplying its very own made on the premises goods from a factory outlet like no other?

The range includes a variety of traditional style Celtic gifts, all with heather as the central theme, and the visitor centre adjoining the factory outlet offers the chance to watch the craftsmen in action.

Heathergems Factory Outlets

A lengthy process of selecting, picking, drying and curing the heather precedes the actual craft of making the jewellery, and only when the heather has been compressed into a solid block and then sliced thinly to be carved into shape does the final product come into being.

There is no exaggeration in saying that Heathergems Factory Outlet is a unique experience, a place like no other that offers an entirely individual product, yet it is also a fascinating day out, one that all the family will enjoy, in breathtaking surroundings that cannot be repeated elsewhere.

Included here not only because of its prowess as perhaps the most unique factory outlet in the whole of the British Isles, Heathergems also resides in one of the most beautiful areas of the country of Scotland, a region that was once the domain of rich anglers and deer hunters who came here to seek the very best sporting game they could buy.

Heathergems is a must see attraction for anyone in the area, as you will never find another factory shop selling heather based jewellery! Find it on the main A924 near to Pitlochry Golf Course and enjoy a thoroughly unique day out! 


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