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Herstmonceux is a village located within the Wealden District of East Sussex, England and features a number of historical and scientific sites of importance. Amongst these is the village’s most famous landmark, Herstmonceux Castle.

Herstmonceux Castle sits around 2 miles South East of the village and is a former site of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. It is now home to the Bader International Study Centre of Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, and the area therefore enjoys an influx of Canadian and other international students each school year.


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The castle grounds are also home to the Observatory Science Centre and the annual Herstmonceux Mediaeval Festival. There are two Sites of Special Scientific Interest within the village. Herstmonceux Park features a wetland habitat and fen vegetation and is the only known location of Milk Parsley in the South East. Pevensey Levels, lies consists of low-lying grazing meadows, hosting a wide variety of wetland flora and fauna and is a popular spot for wildlife watching.

The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux BN27 1RN (01323) 832731
Adjacent to Herstmonceux Castle and housed beneath green copper domes and mammoth telescopes is the former home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory at Herstmonceux.

Now containing over 100 interactive exhibits displayed in several themed galleries, the Observatory Science Centre is the perfect place to contemplate the origins and history of the Universe.





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