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Hibiscus was originally opened in 2000 in Shropshire by Lyon-born Claude Bosi and his with Claire. Upon inception, Claude worked in the kitchen and Claire worked as the general manager. She also worked closely with the interior designers to give the London restaurant its distinctive style. Bosi trained under some of the most notable chefs in France, including Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard and Jean-Paul Lacombe. In 2001 Bosi was awarded his first Michelin star and his second in 2004. In 2007 the husband and wife team relocated Hibiscus to London’s Mayfair and became a welcome addition to the London fine dining scene.

The interior of the restaurant is contemporary and streamlined with light oak panelling that betrays the owners’  love of natural material. There is inky black slate along one wall and a mossy green carpet. The soft furnishing and thick carpet dampen the restaurant’s acoustics enabling diners to hear each other even with the restaurant is full. Hibiscus also has a private dining room that can fit 18 people sitting and 30 people standing.   

Bosi describes his gastronomy as “French with a twist.” With 85% of his suppliers coming from Great Britain, he creates dishes that work with and compliment the ingredients available that season. The lunch menu changes once every two weeks, and one dish changes on the a la carte menu once every two to three weeks.

There are a number of different menus including a lunch menu, a Saturday lunch menu, an a la carte menu, a seasonal menu and a vegetarian menu. On Friday and Saturday nights Hibiscus only serves the tasting menu, with the order of food following - raw, shellfish, vegetables, fish, offal, meat, and then dessert. Bosi’s signature dish is Carpaccio of Sea Bream.  

Tel: 0207629299
Address: 29 Maddox Street, London, W1S 2PA








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