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There are far too many historic sites to mention in the UK, therefore, we will take a look at the ones that will probably be of the most interest to visitors. The history of the United Kingdom can be traced back many thousands of years and luckily enough there are attractions and sites scattered around the country that can help you to retrace this. 

historic uk sites

Some of the oldest monuments and sites of historic importance in the UK can be found in several locations. Dartmoor National Park has some examples of stone circles that date back many thousands of years. These are archaeological examples of some of the earliest homes in the country and are found in inhospitable moorland areas today, that were warmer at the time of their habitation.  

Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, is the most famous historic site in the UK that dates back thousands of years. Scientists are still trying to work out how numerous huge stones, that weigh many tonnes each, were brought to this site from miles away. Every Summer Solstice, Druids still gather around the stone circle to celebrate the exact reason why these basic structures were erected in the first instance.  

Running through a long stretch of Northumberland, in the far north of England, you will find Hadrian’s Wall. This was built by the Romans and marks the ancient boundary between Scotland and England. Nowadays, the border is quite a few miles farther north. There are several walking trails and hotels to be found in and around the area.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most well known and popular historic attractions of Scotland. This foreboding structure actually sits on top of an ancient volcano and tends to dominate the skyline of the Scottish capital. Once you have finished taking a look around, Edinburgh has literally dozens of other historic buildings to keep an avid historian busy for days. 

The Tower of London is a must for those people who are interested in the history of the British Monarchy. To be honest, this tower represents a time in the UK’s past that is probably best forgotten. Unfortunate people who were accused of treason were sent to the tower before facing execution. The Tower is also home to a number of ravens and try to catch a glimpse of the famous Beefeaters.  

Winchester, in Hampshire, is actually the city that was the old capital of England. It dates back to the time of King Alfred the Great and makes for a fascinating day of exploration.  

Moving back into the modern capital, London, there are a number of historical sites that should be on any sightseeing itinerary. Westminster Abbey, in the City of Westminster, is an amazing example of British architecture that will never fail to impress. While in the area, take time to visit the Palace of Westminster which is still in use today as the parliament of the United Kingdom. St. Paul’s Cathedral is another amazing building that dates back hundreds of years. Don’t miss Buckingham Palace, in Victoria. This is the official residence of H.M. The Queen and the building was first built back in 1703.  

For a natural historic wonder, you simply must head down to Dorset and to Lyme Regis. Nowhere in the UK can you travel back in time as far as here. That’s because the coast around this part of southwest England is known as ‘the Jurassic Coast’. Fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years can be found very widely in the rocks along this shoreline. Over the years, thousands of Ammonites (now long extinct) and even larger dinosaurs have been found perfectly well preserved in the strata. 


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