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Many people have a perception that hostels aren’t particularly comfortable places to stay, however, the majority of hostels offer clean and secure accommodation, despite being quite back to basics. Staying in a hostel is a very flexible choice of accommodation, as you can come and go as you please, and has a great atmosphere.

One of the main reasons why people choose to stay in a hostel is because they’re so cheap in comparison to other accommodation, which makes them especially popular with groups of friends travelling together in a big group. Hostels are also usually positioned in central locations in large cities, close to the bars and nightclubs, which make them ideal if you’re looking to sample everything the area has to offer. Of course, hostels are typically popular with stag parties and occasionally hen parties because they offer the perfect group accommodation choice for a couple of night’s stay.

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People who go travelling often choose to stay in hostels because they offer so much flexibility and are a cheap accommodation choice, you’ll also find an abundance of hostels in big cities and many often allow you to turn up without prior booking. If you’re travelling in a small group in most hostels you’re likely to be staying in a large dormitory style room with other people; this is often the part of staying a hostel that puts some people off, however, if you’re in a large party you may find a hostel that offers big groups their own dormitory room, which offers a lot more privacy for your group.


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