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Most people who enjoy house swap holidays are those that don’t like being treated like tourists on conventional package holidays or the impersonal service of hotels, while others take it as an opportunity to explore other cultures and ways of life from another perspective. The beauty about a house swap holiday is that there is virtually no accommodation costs involved, as each party simply swaps their own homes, which means you can enjoy numerous home swap holidays a year to places that you may not otherwise be able to experience.

A house swap is also great if you love the idea of a self catering holiday and often enjoy renting apartments or houses on holidays, as it gives you comfortable home from home surroundings.

UK House Swap

The house that you choose to swap with is up to you; you could opt for something similar to your own, which means it will be much more practical and convenient, especially if you have children, or you could house swap with something completely different to give you a change from normality.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing to join a house swap that may require extra planning, for example, you should decide whether or not you’ll also swap cars for the duration, as you will need to inform your insurance of this. You should also consider pets if you have them; some people will be more than happy to care for yours and vice versa, which means you won’t have the costs of kennels but if not, you will have to still put them into accommodation while you are away.

However, it’s also vital that you consider the negatives of a house swap holiday before you commit to it. Of course, many people worry about the security of their home and belongings, it’s important that you should store any confidential documents away and any special items that you don’t want to risk being broken. There is a typical etiquette with house swap holidays that you must adhere to; you should always leave your home as you would wish to find it, with two sets of spare bedding, clean towels, staple foods and enough food for a meal, and your holiday swap will also do the same for you resulting in an enjoyable holiday for all. 


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