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A houseboat is a form of boat accommodation that has been designed or modified to be used as a permanent residence and are kept stationary at moorings and have to be towed to be moved to new moorings, although some houseboats are motorised. Although typically seen as an unusual and almost hippy style of accommodation, houseboat holidays are now so popular that they have to usually be booked at least one year in advance. Houseboat accommodations are popular in other countries like China, Laos and India, and their popularity has started to rise in place like Canada and Australia, as well as all over the UK from cities to the rolling countryside.

Renting a houseboat is a great way to enjoy living on the water for a short period of time and makes for a really fun short break or summer holiday.


When booking to rent a houseboat it’s important to remember if this style of accommodation will suit your requirements, for example, a houseboat holiday may not be suitable if you intend to travel with young children or pets because the safety risks.

There are so many different types of houseboats to rent that you’ll certainly find something to suit your tastes and party size from basic houseboats with few luxuries to swish houseboats with lavish surroundings with hot tubs and balconies. When staying on a houseboat there’s no need to worry about lack of amenities, as all are hooked up to key facilities like gas, electricity, sewage and the more luxurious even have cable TV and broadband access. Most houseboats are fairly large and can therefore accommodation large parties, which makes them a great choice of unusual accommodation for groups of friends of families and also means it cuts down the cost of renting a houseboat.


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