The Hampton’s hotel

If you want luxury and fine views all in one place, then The Hampton's is just the place.

Beautifully designed and comfortable, with strikingly elegant rooms, this hotel has everything you need for a perfect getaway.

With very attentive owners and a whole host of extras (DVD collections, nice toiletries, etc) The Hampton's is a boutique gem in North Devon.


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Ilfracombe is a popular seaside resort and civil parish located on the north coast of Devon, England with features including a small harbour, cliff surrounds. Amongst the many things to see and to do in the area is the landmark of Hillsborough Hill, which dominates the harbour and is the site of an Iron Age Celtic fortress.

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The award-winning Landmark Theatre has endured either love or hate opinions for its unusual double-conical design and The Chapel of St Nicholas's is also nearby, sited on Lantern Hill, another major landmark in the town. Ilfracombe lies within the North Devon Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an area that is renowned for its dramatic coastal cliffs and landscape.

Due to this the town is a popular destination for walkers, as well as people just wanting to enjoy a beautiful stay at a seaside location. Hillsborough, which sits close to the town centre, is a local nature reserve and around the town are many other areas supporting rich wildlife. The coast itself is part of the North Devon Voluntary Marine Conservation area due to its diverse and rare variety of species.

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Tunnels Beaches, Bath Place, Ilfracombe EX34 8AN (01271) 879882
As Ilfracombe’s most popular tourist attraction, Tunnels Beaches is one of the marvels of Victorian engineering.
Welsh miners were tasked with hand-carving six tunnels through the hillside. They gave access to a tidal pool and various other pools that have since become a haven for visiting tourists. Four tunnels remain open today and have been boosted by the addition of beach bars and cafés.

Ilfracombe Aquarium, The Old Lifeboat House, The Pier, Ilfracombe EX34 9EQ (01271) 864533
Visitors to this exciting attraction are taken on an aquatic journey from the source of a river (in this case, the Exmoor), to its estuary, then on through its rock pools and harbour. Along the way, a diverse collection of underwater life is displayed in each section. Facilities include a café, gift shop and a picturesque location.


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