Meadow Inn & Steakhouse

Contemporary style in an historic location makes the Meadow Inn & Steakhouse a great place to stay when visiting the birthplace of industry.

Knowledgeable staff, superbly decorated rooms and a great restaurant with terrace are the inn's greatest attributes. If you can ignore the nearby power station (although its cooling towers are a sight to behold), then you're in for a relaxing stay.


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Ironbridge is a town settlement located on the River Severn, at the heart of the Ironbridge Gorge Shropshire, England. Many well-known people, including Benjamin Disraeli, have visited Ironbridge. Amongst the many attractions within the area is the Merrythought teddy bear company, which was established in 1931 and is still manufacturing in Ironbridge.

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An annual Coracle Regatta is held in August on the River Severn at Ironbridge, as well as a large number of other events throughout the year. There are a number of museums and historic houses in which to explore the local history of the famous town, including a number of rail-related museums.

Perhaps the most enjoyable of these is the Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, where you can see historic farming methods in action. There are also a number of beautiful outdoor locations, including many parks and gardens, including the most famous one The Wrekin, which boasts stunning walks and views.


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Museum of the Gorge, Ironbridge TF8 7NH (01952) 884391
Ironbridge Gorge is often referred to as ‘the birthplace of industry’ after the world’s first cast iron bridge was built here during the late 18th Century.

The Museum of the Gorge is a short walk from the Iron Bridge and is an exhibition of the history and heritage of the Gorge, explaining why it has been declared a ‘World Heritage Site’.

Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge TF7 5DU (01952) 884391
Blists Hill Victorian Town is a living museum populated with costumed staff who will exchange your money in a bank, sell you groceries, or even bake your bread; all to the backdrop of Victorian Times.

Visitors can walk the streets, admiring the goods in the sweetshop and chemist before riding the Narrow Gauge Mine railway through woods to the town’s Clay Mine.

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The Iron Bridge & Tollhouse, Ironbridge TF8 7JP (01952) 884391
Built in the late 18th century and officially the world’s first cast-iron bridge; the tollhouse and bridge form part of a tour that has had tourists flocking to Ironbridge since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
Opening times of the tollhouse are limited to every weekend during the local school summer holidays, but visitors can still cross this remarkable bridge that gave the town its name.


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