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Built in 1815, Wentworth Place is where poet John Keats lodged with his friend, Charles Brown. The house has been restored to show the Regency furnishings and decoration that Keats would have been familiar with. The garden has also been redesigned to be in keeping with the period, and features borders which have been chosen to tie in with the mood of his poetry: Autumn, Nightingale and Melancholy.  

Keats House
Born in 1795, Keats began writing poetry when he was 18. He was an apothecary surgeon by trade, but gave this up to pursue his love of writing. He went on to become one of England's most celebrated poets of the English Romantic Movement, alongside Shelley and Byron. Some of Keats's best known poems were written at the house, and he fell in love with Fanny Brawne who lived next door.

Keats House contains a large collection of Keats's personal items. Highlights include Fanny Brawne's engagement ring, letters to and from Keats, and books in which he wrote much of his poetry. The rooms that have been restored include the parlour, bedrooms, basement and reception rooms. Careful analysis has been carried out to provide accurate representations of how the house looked in Keats's time, for example it has been found under layers of paint that Keats's bedroom was light pink. 

The house is accessible to wheelchair users on the ground floor, but pushchairs are not permitted. In the garden there are toilet and baby change facilities, and an area for picnics. 

Contact Details:

Keats House,
Keats Grove,
Tel: 020 7332 3868 


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