The Inn At Kew Gardens

For those wishing to visit the horticulturalist's ‘Mecca' of Kew Gardens, then the Inn At Kew Gardens is the perfect place to stay.

This refurbished Victorian building consists of 19 well-renovated guest bedrooms and a busy but friendly public house. The only drawback is the lack of lift, but after eating in the pub you may just need the exercise.


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The Royal Botanic Gardens, usually just known as Kew Gardens, cover three hundred acres of land on the south bank of the Thames between Richmond and Kew on the outskirts of London. The modern Kew Gardens is one of the finest public gardens in the world.     

Hidcote Manor Garden

Kew Gardens was started as a small 9 acre botanical garden by the wife of Prince Frederick Augusta, around 1751. It was developed by subsequent royal owners, reaching its present size in 1902. 

The gardens consist of landscaped lawns, formal gardens, and greenhouses. Apart from displaying plants Kew Gardens is also a major botanical research centre and has the largest plant collection in the world. In the greenhouses are displayed plants from all over the world, maintained in climatically controlled environments. As well as the physical specimens, Kew Gardens Gallery is home to paintings and photographs depicting botanical subjects. 

Among the many attractions is Queen Charlotte's Cottage which is open only in the summer months. This is an attractive summerhouse which fronts a lake. One of the most recognisable buildings at Kew Gardens is The Chinese Pagoda. 

Also worth visiting is Evolution House, a small, glass building which houses displays showing how plant life has evolved on the earth. In the Grass Garden it is possible to see over 600 varieties of grasses, and the Wood Museum has displays showing how paper is made and how wood is used in carpentry.

As a measure of the importance of the work done on the site UNESCO inscribed Kew Gardens on the list of World Heritage Sites in 2003. 

In addition to the plants Kew contains over 40 listed iconic buildings, including its collection of glasshouses. 

Some of the most popular attractions include the following:

The Palm House – this is the recreation of a tropical rainforest environment.

Xstrata Treetop Walkway –  the more adventurous visitors can climb 18 metres into the tree canopy and experience panoramic views of the gardens.   

Temperate House - the biggest public glasshouse and home to the world's tallest indoor plant.

The Princess of Wales Conservatory – this building has ten climatic zones and is home to a large variety of plants, including orchids and cacti. 

To aid visitors in exploring the vast area that Kew Gardens covers there is a land train known as the Kew Explorer. It tours the site in approximately 40 minutes and stops at eight points including the Temperate House, the Palm House and the Pagoda. A commentary is included. 

The ground around most of the site is flat and suitable for wheelchairs. A limited number of wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available to borrow without charge. 

There is plenty of choice for places to eat on site and there is ample open space for picnics. Baby changing facilities and bottle warming facilities are also available. 

Contact Details: 
Royal Botanic Gardens 
TW9 3AB 
+44 (0)20 8332 5655


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