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London's South Bank is the Thames riverside, stretching from Lambeth (the heart of London) to Blackfriars bridges. In close proximity to attractions such as Covent Garden and Westminster, the South Bank is perfectly placed for a scenic walk, or for an entertaining, cost-free afternoon. 

London's South Bank
During the 18th century the area became a haven for theatre owners, who were often censored in the North of the city. During World War II the South Bank suffered serious bomb damage, but was chosen as the location of the Festival of Britain. The area's reputation for providing culture was revived, and has flourished since. 

The area is known for its vibrant atmosphere and there are always sideshows, bands and entertainers which will appeal to visitors of all ages. Primarily visitors come here to take in some of London's many landmarks. From the riverside there are views of the London Eye, the OXO Tower, Waterloo Bridge and the Royal Festival Hall to name a few. Keep an eye out for the stone lion next to Westminster Bridge.

This is one of the last known objects made from a fake-stone material 'coade', which is practically indestructible. The method of making this material has long been lost, so it cannot be replicated. It used to be the mascot of the Red Lion Brewery which was demolished many years ago. 

On a fine day the Jubilee Gardens are a lovely place to wander and stop for a rest. During bad weather, there are numerous free galleries and museums to visit. Highlights include the Dali museum and the National Film Theatre. 



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