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There are many reasons why people choose to live in long term rental properties; it could be because they can’t afford to buy a house, they are moving to a new area or are travelling and want to settle somewhere for a longer period of time.

The majority of long term rentals have at least 12 month contracts and are aimed at people looking to stay for that period of time. If you’re moving to a new area perhaps for a job then a long term rental will be the ideal choice of accommodation, as it offers you the perfect amount of time to see if the area is suitable for your needs and works for your lifestyle. When deciding on your long term rental property it’s important to really consider every aspect including the location, distance to public transport, size, style and cost, especially if you plan on moving in with children.


Long Term Rentals

You should also consider whether you want furnished or unfurnished long term rental, of course, with the former you’ll have everything you need to settle straight away, while with the latter you’ll be able to bring your own furniture or style it to your taste. With the majority of long term rentals you will be required to put down a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent or maybe even slightly more. This is to cover the cost of any damages for the landlord and they are entitled to keep some or all of this deposit if you cause any damage to the property or leave it in an unsatisfactory state.

If you decide to move out of your long term rental before the end of the contract you will typically be required to give one month’s notice to your landlord and it’s important to remember that your landlord can also serve you with the same notice if they require the property back at any time.


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