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Longleat Safari Park was the first drive through safari park to be found outside of Africa when it opened in 1966. It is the largest in the UK and has the most extensive range of animals and birds,  including lions, giraffes, zebras, camels, monkeys, white rhinoceros, tigers and wolves, all roaming free as if in their natural habitats. 

The animals are housed in separate enclosures which are constructed to mimic, as far as possible, their preferred natural habitats. Visitors are able to get out of their vehicles in the first section of the Safari Park, the East African Game Reserve. This area gives access to the Wallaby Walkthrough and the Giraffe Viewing Platform. Toilets are available in this section and, as the average drive through lasts about 1.5 hours, it might be worth taking advantage of them (there are no further toilets until you depart from the Safari Park).


Longleast Safari Park

This part of the park also contains the Trading Post shop which has a range of ethnic goods and also provides light snacks and sandwiches. For those who prefer to bring their own food there are picnic benches. 

Because many of the animals are dangerous it is not possible to drive through Longleat Safari Park in a soft top vehicle, cars with vinyl sunroofs or on a motorbike. Visitors with that type of vehicle and for those that arrive by public transport can still visit the Safari Park as there is a Safari Bus service at an additional charge.  Wheelchairs can’t be accommodated on the bus.  The average duration of a safari park drive through is 1.5 hours. 

Dogs, including assistance dogs, are not allowed in the Safari Park, although free kennels are available at the entrance. 

After leaving the drive through area there are facilities available in the grounds for refreshments and shopping in the gift shops. 

Longleat Safari Park has many attractions on offer in addition to the drive through safari. One of these is the Safari Boat trip. There are two purpose built boats which take their passengers on a 15 minute tour of the lake, passing by Gorilla Island. The lake is home to a group of Californian sea lions and to two hippopotami; the latter are the most dangerous animals at Longleat. 

A ticket giving entry to all of Longleat’s attractions can be purchased. As well as the Safari Park this allows visitors to look around Longleat House, home to the Marquess of Bath. The house is set in 900 acres of landscaped gardens  

Contact Details: 
Longleat Safari Park 
Estate Office 
BA12 7NW 
Tel: 01985 844 400 



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