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Lynmouth is a beautiful quaint village in the county Devon, England, on the north edge of Exmoor and straddles the confluence of the West Lyn and East Lyn rivers. Amongst the stunning scenery in the heart of Exmoor, the smallest National Park in Britain is a combination of tree-clad cliffs, sheltered bays and sweeping moorland.

Lynmouth also features an attractive harbour where you can enjoy fish and chips whilst overlooking the beautiful countryside. The village is also home to the famous Cliff Railway, which stands at a height of 500 feet and is a wonderful example of Victorian architecture.


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The Valley of Rocks is a nearby attraction, where Castle Rock dominates with other rock formations such as the Devil's Cheesewring and Ragged Jack. There are a number of fascinating shops offering a range of crafts, ceramics, glassware and pottery, as well as art galleries and locally made fudge and clotted cream. There is a wide range of accommodation available, including holiday cottages and hotels.

Cliff Railway
Running since 1890, this is a fun way to commute between Lynmouth and Lynton. There are just two cars linked and they go up and down the slope depending on how much water is in their tanks.(01598  753 486)

Valley of the Rocks
Located along north walk are these rock formations. Many of them have been named, with the centrepiece being called Castle Rock. This is a one mile trail.

Lyn Gorge
The walk to and around this gorge is really pretty and goes for 5 miles.

Lyn and Exmoor Museum
Stories of the Lyn area famous flood of 1952 are told here, as well as archaeological history, art work and photos.(01598 752 317)




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