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Another slice of luxury, this time at a reasonable price - the Velvet Hotel is impressive from the moment you walk through its doors.

Every room is spacious, unique and decorated to perfection. The hotel as a whole is very chic and is in the middle of Manchester’s bustling entertainment district. You don’t need to venture outside to enjoy its liveliness, though. Velvet has its own DJ sets and live music, too! A totally cool and trendy place to stay

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To visit Manchester and do it justice takes some days; a former industrial city, now a thriving area with an exciting air about it. A multitude of places chronicle the city’s past, including the cathedral, the Town Hall, and the John Rylands Library, all of which welcome visitors. Chetham’s Library also houses a wonderful collection of rare books.

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The Museum of Science and History incorporates an old railway station, and the Imperial War Museum North commemorates war on the home front and the battlefield. Another notable collection is the Jewish Museum, and a proliferation of other galleries and museums await the tourist with an enquiring mind.

Various areas of Manchester are associated with different groups in society; The Village, around Canal Street, is the gay centre of the city – converted cotton warehouses now reverburate with music as they form the centre of the Manchester clubbing scene, while Chinatown centres around George Street and contains many restaurants and shops, now patronised by the English community as much as the Chinese. The Curry Mile is self-explanatory, heaven for fans of this kind of food. Festivals bring the city to life even more – examples include comedy, jazz, Gay Pride and the Irish Festival.

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Museum of Science & Industry, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4FP (0161) 833 1471
Located in the former Liverpool Road Station; the world’s oldest surviving railway station; the Museum of Science & Industry, or MOSI, was opened in 1983.
Showcasing diverse galleries such as a Victorian sewer, planetarium and a 4D theatre, MOSI aims to make science and industry inspirational while highlighting Manchester’s rich contribution.

Imperial War Museum North, Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1TZ (0161) 836 4000
Part of the Imperial War Museum’s group of collections, Imperial War Museum North concentrates on people’s experiences of war.
Showcasing permanent exhibitions alongside temporary displays, the museum’s centrepiece is ‘The Big Picture’; a 360° audio-visual experience delving into the ‘War at Home’, ‘Children and War’ and ‘Weapons of War’.


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People’s History Museum, Left Bank, Manchester M3 3ER (0161) 228 7212
Originating in the 1960s, the People’s History Museum is now a national museum situated in Manchester city centre and devoted to Britain’s two hundred year struggle for democracy.
Located in two purpose-built galleries, the exhibition tells this story in seven themes: Revolution, Reformers, Workers, Voters, Citizens, Time off and Banners.

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays M50 3AZ (0843) 208 6000
Opened at the turn of the 21st Century, The Lowry is a museum designed to reflect its surrounding landscape at Salford Quays.
Housing two main theatres and a studio for performing arts, as well as gallery spaces displaying the works of Manchester’s finest artist, LS Lowry; The Lowry Art & Entertainment is a venue that enriches, engages and entertains.

Museum of Transport, Boyle Street, Manchester M8 8UW (0161) 205 2122
Operated by the Greater Manchester Transport Society, the Museum of Transport is based in Manchester’s first motor bus garage, now a Grade II listed building.
Exploring Manchester’s golden age of transport through its collection of 90 vintage vehicles, the museum aims to develop and restore its facility to give visitors a lively working atmosphere.


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