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Milford is a town and community in the beautiful area of Pembrokeshire, Wales on the north side of the Milford Haven Waterway, which is a natural harbour that has been used as a port since the Middle Ages.

Milford Haven is the second largest settlement in Pembrokeshire, and is home to a number of sites of importance. The natural harbour of the Waterway was the site of exploitation for several historical military operations throughout the second millennium. Attractions in the town include Fort Hubberstone, which was built in 1863 to defend the town and occupies a prominent position in the west.


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The Rath is a landscaped street on high ground, and features panoramic views of Milford Haven and is near to the water gardens of the town. There are a number of places to stay in Milford Haven, as well as fantastic dining options and high-street shops.

Pembroke Castle, Castle Terrace, Pembroke SA71 4LA (01646) 681510
Located five miles from Milford Haven on a ridge between two tidal inlets, Pembroke Castle is a former mighty fortress and birthplace of Henry Tudor, father of Henry VIII.
Built in the late 11th Century, the castle withstood a number of sieges (including one led by Oliver Cromwell) before being restored to its present condition at the turn of the 20th century.


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