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All kinds of people have been welcome to stay at monasteries and nunneries since the 5th century when they started hosting guests who called at the door, regardless of age, gender, faith or race, whether you’re simply curious, a traveller, looking for accommodation or just a peaceful setting, and everyone is offered a warm and respectful welcome.

Monasteries that allow guest to stay usually only do so for a couple of nights which means they’re favoured by travellers as a more comfortable and welcoming alternative to staying in a hostel. When staying in monastery accommodation it’s vital that you remember where you’re staying and respect their faith and way of life. Some monastery accommodations require you to take part in religious services as part of the stay and have periods of quiet throughout the day that you must comply with.



You should also remember that they often have curfew times and they don’t usually have modern conveniences like computers, televisions or phones.

Often situated away from crowds in remote areas, monastery accommodations offer a peaceful stay in a beautiful building which you would not find anywhere else. They’re also vastly cheaper than a hotel, although they offer a much different type of stay to other forms of accommodation. Although the accommodation in monasteries are all similar you’ll find they come in all shapes and sizes as well as varying degrees of comfort from the very basic to the more luxurious.

Whichever monastery accommodation you choose you should remember that most of them will have common bathrooms and communal kitchens, although lots of monasteries offer bed and breakfast or half board stays, with many growing their own vegetables, baking fresh bread, homemade cheese and wine from their vineyards.



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