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Located in lavish grounds in the Isle of Wight, Osborne House was built as a holiday home for Queen Victoria. She is known to have loved spending time at the House, and it is here that she actually died. Having visited Osborne House with Prince Albert, the couple bought the land, demolished the existing house and commissioned the one that stands on the site today.       

Osborne House

Complete with Italianate towers, the House was completed by Thomas Cubitt in the 1840s. Inside the rooms are naturally lavishly decorated, with the finest furnishings and decorative items. Personal touches are what makes the House special though, such as the family photographs that are still placed upon Victoria and Albert's desks.  

Queen Victoria's private apartments are open to the public, offering a behind the scenes glimpse of life as a Royal. The nursery is sure to be of interest to youngsters and the bedroom where Victoria died is spectacular but also poignant. 

The Durbar Room, completed in 1890, is a prominent attraction in the house. It was designed to honour Queen Victoria's status as Empress of India, and every available piece of wall and ceiling has been decorated in an Indian theme. There are depictions of the Hindu god Ganesh, and light fittings have been styled to resemble hurricane lamps (the room was designed just as electricity was becoming available). 

The gardens were designed by both Cubitt and Prince Albert. There is a summer house, terraced gardens a miniature barracks and fort, and a Swiss chalet which was where the Royal children were taught how to run a household.  


The ground floor is accessible to wheelchair users and a lift takes visitors to the first floor. The nursery however is inaccessible. Paths in the gardens make for easy access. The Swiss chalet cannot be accessed with a wheelchair but its museum can. 

On site there is a restaurant, cafe and large gift shop. Toilets, disabled toilets and baby change facilities are provided. 

The house can be reached by car, bus, train and ferry. Visitors should contact the house for up to date travel information. 

Contact Details:
Osborne House,
The Isle of Wight,
PO32 6JX
Tel: 01983 200022 








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